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TransMedia Group is a top PR firm that has expertise in a wide range of industries from arts and entertainment to the health and medical field.
TransMedia Group, Public Relations, Multi-Lingual Public Relations, Boca Raton Public Relations, International Public Relations, Crisis Management, marketing, advertising, Real Estate, consumer products, health and medical PR, art and entertainment, Sports PR
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TransMedia Group blends the art and science of influencing public opinion through effective communications.

We’ve helped many startups raise funds and launch to prominence and profits, but remember these words by our chairman and founder Tom Madden:

 The investor is the cart.  Publicity is the horse.  

To pull in the cart, you first need the horse.


TransMedia also is expert at protecting your data from hackers and offers to  clients the CyberSecurityShield™

The CyberSecuritySeal™ is a registered mark that assures your customers, clients and publics that you have passed a full security review, implemented an Incidence Response Plan and put in place safeguards and strategies to improve the security of your data, thereby reducing the ever present risk of a data breach in this era of intense hacking by insidious data thieves, malevolent social engineers and other destructive forces today  targeting not just medium and large companies, but small businesses too!