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TransMedia Talent

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TransMedia Talent

TransMedia Group, Boca Raton, Fla., founded in 1981 by Tom Madden, former VP and assistant to NBC president Fred Silverman, has opened TransMedia Talent and is representing models.

“Representing models is a natural extension of a PR firm,” said Madden. “In our business we’re constantly looking for faces and figures to associate with products. So why not represent those assets? It makes sense to me.”

TransMedia Group lists 14 employees and more than 30 clients in the O’Dwyer database including those in health, fitness, biotech, law, tech, real estate, fashion and education. Fees were $1,197,102 in 2014.

The PR side of the business is “surging,” says Madden, particularly international. “We’re serving clients throughout South America.” He has supplied references and has been bonded and fingerprinted in order to become licensed to represent models.


Adrienne Mazzone Heads Firm

Heading TransMedia Modeling is Adrienne Mazzone, Madden’s daughter, who has also become president of the firm.

“We’ve matched models with products that went on to become faces and figures of products,” said Mazzone, who operated a modeling agency in New York City.

The division has signed up a number of models and is reaching out for both male and female models. It conducted an “open-toe” audition Dec. 28 for models at Heels ‘N More, Orlando. It is searching for “the most beautiful and talented hopefuls.”

It has partnered with MyJamTV, 24-hour music channel that will feature some of TransMedia’s models.

A graduate of the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania, Madden was a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer early in his career.