Transmedia Group | Medical
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Rhymed Technology. We promoted this company specializing in the development and marketing of innovative safety products in the field of intravenous catheter care at major medical conferences across the country until today its IV Connectors have been adopted by leading hospitals nationwide.

Protectus Syringe. We promoted an automatic self sheathing syringe designed by Protectus Medical Devices that will eliminate potentially deadly needle stick accidents among healthcare workers.


USA Traceability Technology. TransMedia publicized to over 5,0000 media points nationwide The All American Clothing Company’s announcement of an invention called “USA Traceability,” a technology that enables consumers to trace where their jeans were “grown and sewn” in the U.S. TransMedia publicized how consumers can go to the company’s website, insert a number found on the jeans and then watch as a satellite camera zooms in on the actual farm where the cotton in those jeans was grown.