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Food and Beverage

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Food and Beverage

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We took a small calorie-burning, pre-workout beverage for a meteoric media ride upward in sales and stock price. Our publicity energized its distributions and drove its stock price from 3 cents a share to over $5 in just one year.


Starting in 2008, TransMedia’s dazzling publicity placements for Delray Beach-based, calorie-burning soft drink Celsius have made it the leading product in its category, propelling sales from a few hundred thousand a year to over a $1 million per quarter and its stock price from 3 cents to 20 cents.


Thanks to TransMedia, national television exposure for Celsius has soared, including several times on CBS National News, along with a 10-fold increase in nationwide distribution to thousands of retail stores across the country, including Walgreen’s, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppes.


TransMedia put Celsius on a roll toward one of the fastest-growing, all-natural soft drinks in the country.

Dear Tom: On behalf of Carl, Irina and myself---we just want to say GREAT JOB!!!!!The piece was excellent and we are already experiencing some web sales and retailer response. We are clipping the piece for use by our sales staff and are so excited by the continuing positive PR we are experiencing. You are the very best and we love working with you both!! Jeff Perlman Chief Operating Officer Celsius, Inc.